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  • Amplifies passion
  • Inspires love and devotion
  • Energises and regenerates

Fuel your fire with our vibrant Garnet Necklace. Garnet is a powerful regenerating and energising stone that connects to the root, sacral, and heart chakras. It is known to amplify passion, love, and devotion, making it the perfect crystal for those who are looking to boost their romantic relationships, ignite their creativity, or simply live a more passionate life.


  • Amplifies passion. Garnet is known as the "stone of passion" for its ability to ignite and amplify the wearer's passion for life. It is a great stone for those who are feeling stuck in a rut or who are looking to rekindle their passion for their work, hobbies, or relationships.
  • Inspires love and devotion. Garnet is also a stone of love and devotion. It can help to deepen existing relationships and attract new love and companionship into one's life. Garnet is also a great stone for those who are looking to strengthen their commitment to themselves and their goals.
  • Energises and regenerates. Garnet is a revitalising stone that can help to boost energy levels and promote physical and emotional healing. It is a great stone for those who are feeling tired or run down, or who are recovering from illness or injury.


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Product info:

Made with sterling silver

18 inches 

Comes with gift pouch


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