Waxy Wix

Crystal Infused Candle - Love Spell

  • Spell card included
  • Creates feelings of calm and reassurance 
  • Completely hand crafted 

Pink in colour, this love candle is designed to bring love to oneself and to others in every form, carrying a soft energy through the home as it burns. This candle will create feelings of compassion and romance. 

The clever blend of ylang ylang, orange blossom and vanilla essential oils soothe your heart and build inner strength, whilst the rosebud and Jasmine herbs and spices promote compassion and peace.

Contains Rose Quartz Crystal : The perfect crystal to encourage openness in the heart in self and for others. This crystal promotes love, self love and friendship, creating a calming and reassuring feelings and providing comfort in times of grief.

Good For: Promoting self love or with others 

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