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Decision Making Prompt Card Game | Should I Stay or Leave? | Relationship Prompt Cards

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  • Help decide whether to stay in a relationship or leave
  • 52 game cards
  • Questions and reflections to guide yourself

This card game contains a set of reflections and questions to help us clarify some of the core issues in a relationship that we should work through before deciding to leave or stay. It provides the tools to help to find the answers that are within us already.

This is the perfect gift for any friend, sibling or colleague going through a tough time and needs help making a decision. Open up the space for them to reflect on what they really want. 

  89mm x 126mm | Instruction card included


The School of Life

The School of Life is a London based therapy-informed wellness brand. Their mission is to help people learn, heal, and grow through products inspired by philosophy, psychotherapy, psychology, art, and culture. They also run a therapy division and deliver a psychological programme of education that empowers your mind and can help you to master your emotions.