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Stainless Steel Rose Gold Razor

£18.99 £24.99
  • Strong and sturdy - made from stainless steel 
  • 10 Blades included 
  • Reusable, goodbye single use plastic

This stainless steel razor is the perfect alternative to those single use plastic ones. It comes complete with 10 razors, so you're set to start using it straight away. The blades are easy to change with a safety device positioned between the blade and the skin for injury free shaving. 

How to assemble: Firstly unscrew the handle and remove the top part of the razor. Take one of the new blades and slot it in, screw back together making sure the grooved part is facing upwards.

Once you're done: This razor should last a life time, but if you decide you want a change, just place into a metal recycling bin. 

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