Psychic Sisters

Sleep Ritual Set

  • Cleanse your aura 
  • Promotes stability 
  • Calming

These Sleep Ritual Sets are perfect to help you create a magical ritual from home. Comes with natural rose and Lavender aromatherapy products. It is here to help you cleanse your aura and personal space, promoting stability, relaxation, calming mind, body, and soul.


Includes: Sleep Well Mist 30ml - Fragrance Oil 10ml - 8 Incense Cone - Gemstone Holder - Gemstone set - Instruction card.


Lapis Lazuli (Incense holder) - Rest - Confidence - Meditation
Blue Sandstone - Calming - De-stress - Relaxation
Green Aventurine - Calming - Relaxation  - Wellness
Purple Amethyst - Intuition - Healing - Guidance

 Note: Each crystal is completely unique in shape, size, and colour as they're made with irregular natural materials.

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