Psychic Sisters

Sage Set

  • Get rid of all the bad vibes
  • Includes a variety of gemstones
  • Includes a smudge bowl

Get rid of all the negative energy with this luxury Sage ritual set from Psychic Sisters. Made by hand from Californian White Sage, this set comes with a smudge bowl and some gemstones. Sage can help cleanse you and your environment from any bad vibes. 

Gemstones included:

Black Obsidian -A protective stone

Tigers Eye - Helps keep you focused 

Clear Quartz - Promotes clarity  

How to use: Light the sage stick, then put the flame out and let the smoke diffuse into the air. Put the sage stick into the smudge bowl, and hold the gemstones over the smoke, with your left hand. Inhale deeply numerous times, and repeat the affirmation: “My space is cleansed, protected & free from negativity” several times in your mind. Scatter the gemstones around the room, while fanning the smoke around you & your environment for a minimum of five minutes. 

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