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Prompt Cards | Resilience | Guidance Tool

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  • Adversity Guidance: Find solace and strength with daily guidance during challenging times.
  • Comprehensive Set: Unbox 60 cards, each a source of inspiration and resilience.
  • Inner Strength Reminders: Experience daily empowerment through these impactful cards, reinforcing your innate fortitude.

In moments of doubt, we often underestimate our resilience, questioning our ability to overcome adversity. Yet, our strength is far greater than we realize. Introducing our empowering card set – a constant reminder that, amidst challenges and uncertainties, we possess the inner power not just to endure but to flourish.

Each card, thoughtfully designed, holds a confidence-boosting prompt on one side and a complementary illustrative photograph on the other. It's a meaningful gift for friends, family, or colleagues navigating tough times, offering a tangible reminder of their inherent strength and capacity to triumph.


Size: 100mm x 80mm x 22mm 


The School of Life

The School of Life is a London based therapy-informed wellness brand. Their mission is to help people learn, heal, and grow through products inspired by philosophy, psychotherapy, psychology, art, and culture. They also run a therapy division and deliver a psychological programme of education that empowers your mind and can help you to master your emotions.


  • Prompt Cards | Resilience | Guidance Tool - LiveWell
    Prompt Cards | Resilience | Guidance Tool Sale price£8.99 Regular price£14.99