Daily Mindful Cards

  • Helps introduce positive habits 
  • Includes 45 cards 
  • A form of self care 

A tool kit to look after your mental health. These cards help you build good habits that you can stick to and prompt positive action taking in your life. They're a great way to becoming more mindful in the choices that you make and can lead you to live a happy, healthy, positive life. 

The cards included:

Kindness Card - These cards are little Random acts of kindness. They will help you help yourself, as well as helping others along the way. The single best way to boost your mood and the mood of others. Each card has an individual action that with help you spread love and kindness wherever you go. 

A Ritual Card - these cards are designed to build positive rituals into your day to help improve your overall wellbeing. These cards with help remind you to take a breath, slow down, and re connect with yourself, the world and others. Each card card presents an activity for you to carry out which can be turned into a ritual that you practice in your daily life. 

Gratitude Cards - Sometimes we need a little reminder to be grateful and focus on the little things that make our lives worth living. These Gratitude cards will remind you to pick out those little moments each and every day to create greater overall happiness. Each card holds a different gratitude exercise to action daily.

Journal - These cards are designed to help you dig deeper! What do you want to achieve? Where do you need to make changes? Are you reaching your full potential? Journalling is an incredibly powerful way to reflect on how you are living and what you could be doing differently to live a more fulfilled life. Each card presents a set of questions to ask yourself. If you choose the same card twice, don't re shuffle, think about how you could answer the questions differently time and time again.

Reflection - Each refection card presents a quote. Take some time out of your day to reflect on this quote and think about how you may apply it to your own life. When the same card is selected a second time, reflect on any changes you might have in your response dependent on where you are in the present moment.

How to use:

Begin to build the habit of choosing a card at random each day. You can do this in the morning to begin your day with a mindful action, or the night before to prepare you for the next day. Complete the action stated on the card and build the habit of taking simple positive actions each and every day.

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