Saskia Wrycroft

Labradorite Rough Cut I Recycled Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Calms anxiety and stress 
  • Provides strength 
  • Motivates and inspires boosts of energy

This necklace is a small Labradorite rough cut crystal attached to a sterling silver chain. Allows you to hold your crystals close to your chest.

Labradorite reminds us anything is possible.  It encourages us to reach for the stars and dream big.  It helps to stimulate mental activity whilst calming anxiety and stress.  A stone of protection, it helps to ward off negative energy and releases our insecurities and fears. 

Match with our Labradorite Rough Cut bracelet.

Note: Each crystal is completely unique in shape, size, and colour as they're made with irregular natural materials.

Packaging: Comes with a gift box.

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