Kyanite Pendant | Gold Plated | Calming Chakra Crystal | YPOM

  • Chakra Harmony Enhancer: Elevate your spiritual journey with our Sterling Silver Raw Kyanite Pendant, designed to align your chakras and promote a harmonious energy flow.
  • Calming Presence: Experience the serene and soothing aura of this crystal's calming energy, enveloping you in a state of tranquility and inner calm.
  • Intuitive Communication: Raw Kyanite is revered for its ability to enhance communication skills and tap into psychic abilities, allowing you to express yourself clearly and connect with your intuitive insights.

Discover the magic of the Sterling Silver Raw Kyanite Pendant. This exquisite piece not only offers chakra alignment for enhanced energy flow but also brings a sense of tranquility through its calming presence.

Immerse yourself in the gentle energy that surrounds you, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation and meditation. Additionally, this pendant holds the power of boosting your communication skills and intuitive abilities, enabling you to express your thoughts with clarity and access your inner wisdom.

As each piece is unique, the variations in the raw Kyanite showcase its authentic beauty, making this pendant a truly individualised and captivating accessory.


Note: Each crystal is completely unique in shape, size, and colour as they're made with irregular natural materials.

Packaging: Comes with a gift box.



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