Lucent Studios

Hera Herkimer Necklace - Gold Plated

  • April Birthstone 
  • Dainty and lightweight
  • Totally Unique in size and shape

This dainty gold plated necklace includes a rough cut crystal with a gold plated edge. Each individual crystal pendant is entirely unique in size, shape and colouring. 

Herkimer Crystal: The Herkimer crystal is clear in colour which opens up its channels for pure, clear and cleansed energy to enter, helping the wearer to open up their Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Herkimer Crystals are thought to help you attune to your environment and even to other people. It's also April's birthstone - so a the perfect gift idea for those April babies. 

Pendant measurements: 10mm. 40cm (16") chain with a 5cm (2") extension chain

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