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Healing Crystal Set - For Safety And Protection


The crystal set to keep you safe and provide you with protection. 

Receive protection from harm and negative energies with these crystals. They promote a sense of safety and protection from within and help guide the user away from danger in its many forms.

Crystals included:

  • Blue Tigers Eye - Shields you from harmful effects 
  • Hematite - Absorbs negative energy and sends it away from the user
  • Bloodstone - Grounds us and provides us with inner strength
  • Labradorite - Enhances protection and dispels negative energy

How to use:
Be sure to keep these crystals with you on your travels as you come into contact with a variety of different energies that could possibly be harmful to the energy you are channeling. 

How to care for your crystals: To keep your crystals charged and energised you can leave them in direct sunlight or under the light of a full moon. This helps to cleanse and recharge the energy of each crystal, maximising their healing powers. 

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