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Healing Crystal Set for Love


The crystal set to help you feel love for yourself and for others.

Show someone you care with this crystal set, celebrating the love and kindness of yourself whilst supporting it for others. These crystals can be used to support your own self care, providing you with compassion, feelings of self worth and kindness.

Crystals included: 

  • Rose Quartz - The stone of love and compassion
  • Jade - Help build and maintain confidence and harmony in relationships
  • Amethyst - Absorbs negativity and raises your vibration

How to use: This set is perfect to send as a gift to share the love with somebody you care about. The user can keep these crystals with them or scatter them around the home to create a loving positive atmosphere. 

How to care for your crystals: To keep your crystals charged and energised you can leave them in direct sunlight or under the light of a full moon. This helps to cleanse and recharge the energy of each crystal, maximising their healing powers. 

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