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Healing Crystal Set - For Boosting Confidence


The crystal set to boost your confidence and self esteem. 

Brighten someones day with a crystal set to support confidence and self worth. This set will help banish feelings of self doubt, shyness and social anxiety by promoting inner peace and confidence.

Crystals included:

  • Orange Calcite - Stimulates positive vibrations and helps to overcome shyness
  • Gold Tigers Eye - Strengthens willpower and provides courage
  • Citrine - Supports motivation, creativity and self expression
  • Opalite - The talisman of personal power. Provides strength, confidence and self worth

How to use: If you know you've got a big presentation, you're meeting with friends or you're venturing out of your comfort zone, then keep these crystals with you in times of need. Once you feel more comfortable keep them by your bedside to re charge and channel confident vibes whilst you sleep.  

How to care for your crystals: To keep your crystals charged and energised you can leave them in direct sunlight or under the light of a full moon. This helps to cleanse and recharge the energy of each crystal, maximising their healing powers. 

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