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Healing Crystal Set - Enhance Your Meditation


The crystal set to help you get the best out of your mediations. 

Bring the mind, body and breath into harmony with these crystals to enhance your meditation experience. This set has been mindfully selected by the Studio to promote a state of calmness, clarity and focus, ensuring you get the very best from your meditation practice. 

Crystals included: 

  • Rose Quartz - Inspires self love, calming and instills tenderness
  • Labradorite - Boosts the abilities of the higher chakras associated with meditation
  • Dragons Stone - A powerful manifestation tool
  • Amythest - A great overall stone for calm and healing

How to use: You can place these crystals at the top of your mat at the beginning of your practice to help enhance your meditative experience, or if your meditation is a moving meditation then securely attach them to your person. 

How to care for your crystals: To keep your crystals charged and energised you can leave them in direct sunlight or under the light of a full moon. This helps to cleanse and recharge the energy of each crystal, maximising their healing powers. 

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