Hana No Hana | Japanese Incense | Premium Assorted Floral | 30 Sticks & Incense Holder

£14.99 £24.99
  • 3 different floral fragrances
  • Inspired by merging Easter and Western influences
  • Box of 30

This premium box of assorted incense has been designed to fill your home with a deeper, longer lasting fragrances and comes packaged in a wooden paulownia box

Let your body and mind slowly unwind as your home is filled with a beautiful variety of floral aromas.

Featuring - 

Rose – sweet, floral and woody. 

Violet – powdery, floral and woody. 

Lily – a fresh, green floral and woody.


Burn time: Approximately 10 minutes.

Size: Approximately 5.7cm each.

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