Get Well Soon: Rejuvenating Crystal Vibe Box

  • Cold & Flu Bath Salts
  • Citrine Crystal Tumblestone
  • Protection Spell Candle

Discover the transformative power of the Wellness and Positivity Crystal Gift Box, carefully curated to enhance your overall well-being and promote positive energy. This collection includes a trio of items designed to uplift your spirits and protect your surroundings.

Cold & Flu Bath Salts: Infused with the soothing essence of Dead Sea salt, Sinapsis Hirta, and Eucalyptus, these bath salts provide a rejuvenating escape. As you soak, let the blend ease your cold and flu symptoms, relieving aches and pains while refreshing your senses.

Citrine Crystal Tumblestone: Elevate your energy with the radiant Citrine Crystal. This large tumblestone is renowned for boosting creativity, fostering a positive attitude, and shielding from negative energies. Strengthen your self-esteem and connect with your solar plexus through its vibrant energies.

Protection Spell Candle: Ignite a sense of protection with the enchanting glow of the Protection Spell Candle. Infused with the energies of Citrine Crystal, this purple candle is your shield against negativity. Let the harmonious blend of frankincense, cinnamon, jasmine, and other herbs envelop your space, evicting negativity and inviting joy.

Indulge in the restorative benefits of this exquisite collection. Whether you're seeking relief from cold symptoms, a surge of positivity, or a shield from negativity, the Wellness and Positivity Crystal Gift Box empowers you on your journey to well-being and happiness.

Please Note: Crystals are unique in shape, size, and color, adding to their individual beauty and energy.

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