Get Some Sleep: Sleep Prompts, Calming Bath Tea, and Amethyst Energy

  • Sleep Well Prompt Card Set
  • Floral Bath Tea
  • Amethyst Crystal Wand

Indulge in the Restful Sleep and Relaxation Gift Box, a trio thoughtfully curated to usher tranquility and well-being into your life. This collection encompasses the power of prompts, the serenity of a floral bath tea, and the soothing energy of an Amethyst Crystal Wand. Embrace restorative practices and positive vibrations for a refreshed and rejuvenated you.

1. Sleep Well Prompt Card Set | 30 Day Challenge

Unlock the path to improved sleep health with the Sleep Well Prompt Card Set. Offering a challenge a day, this 30-day journey sheds light on the importance of sleep in maintaining holistic well-being. Dive into daily activities designed to support restful nights, enhancing both your physical and mental health. Recognize the role sleep plays in your overall vitality and embark on a transformative exploration of slumber.

2. Floral Bath Tea | Calendula, Rose, Jasmin, Chamomile, Heather & Lavender

Elevate your bath experience with the Floral Bath Tea, a harmonious blend of flowers and herbs renowned for their relaxation-inducing properties. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of Calendula, Rose petals, Jasmin, Chamomile, Heather, and Lavender. To enjoy, mix the contents of the jar, place approximately 4 tablespoons of the tea into the provided bag, and submerge in a hot bath or under running water. Allow the tea to infuse your bath with serene botanical essence, turning bathtime into a soothing ritual.

3. Amethyst Crystal Wand | Relieve Anxious Energy

Experience the soothing embrace of the Amethyst Crystal Wand, a solid embodiment of nature's tranquility that resonates with serene slumber. This crystal elevates your vibrations while dissolving stress and negativity. Its potent properties work to alleviate anxiety, balance mood fluctuations, and provide solace in times of grief. As you cradle this wand, allow its calming energy to envelop you, instilling equilibrium and well-being.

Please note: Crystals are unique and may vary in shape, size, and color.

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