Energy Cleansing and Protection Crystal Gift Set

  • Cleansing Spell Candle
  • Sacred Sage Cleansing Ritual Set
  • Clear Quartz Palm Stone 

Discover the Pure Energy Cleansing and Protection Gift Set, a collection meticulously curated to infuse your space with positive vibrations, cleanse away negativity, and foster balance and harmony. 

Cleansing Spell Candle | Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

Elevate your space with our Cleansing Spell Candle, a sacred blend of purity and tranquility. This white candle is meticulously handcrafted and infused with the purifying energy of Clear Quartz crystal. Alongside it comes a spell card, allowing you to harness the candle's potent properties effectively.

Designed to cleanse and purify your surroundings, this candle combines the cleansing essence of essential oils like orange blossom, grapefruit, lime, and peppermint. Lavender flower, lemon peel, and rosemary further infuse the space with peace and tranquility.

The inclusion of Clear Quartz Crystal intensifies the energy, bringing balance to your entire being. As you light this candle, embrace its purifying energy and create a harmonious sanctuary.

Sacred Sage Cleansing Ritual Set

Embrace the transformative power of the Sacred Sage Cleansing Ritual Set, designed to clear away negative energies and restore balance. This set features an abalone shell and a charcoal burner, providing the tools you need for an effective cleansing ritual.

Channel the ancient practice of smudging by lighting the sage in the charcoal burner placed within the abalone shell. As the aromatic smoke wafts through the air, let it cleanse your space and elevate your energy. The abalone shell, known for its calming properties, enhances the ritual's soothing effects.

Clear Quartz Palmstone

Invite the harmonising energy of the Clear Quartz Palm stone into your life. Known as the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz radiates protection, amplifies the potency of other crystals, and encourages spiritual growth. This polished palm stone connects you with your crown chakra, enhancing psychic connection and mental clarity.

Universal in its abilities, Clear Quartz is an essential tool for maintaining balance and dispelling negativity. Hold this palm stone to align with its powerful energy and bring healing vibrations into your daily routine.

Please Note: Crystals are naturally unique, and their shape, size, and colour may vary

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