Waxy Wix

Crystal Infused Candle - Anxiety Relief

  • Spell card included
  • Helps relieve any anxiety and aid relaxation
  • Completely natural & handcrafted 


This candle is pale blue and has been crafted to help relieve any anxiety and aid relaxation. Filled with lavender, lemongrass, and vanilla essential oils as well as herbs/flowers/spices including lavender, thyme, and thistle flower.

A spell candle to aid relaxation. Infused with lavender and orange blossom for calmness and silence. Lavender and chamomile flowers represent purity, tranquillity and aid sleep, and amethyst and rose quartz crystals promote calming thoughts and help with self-worth.

Contains Amethyst and rose quartz Crystal:  Promotes calming thoughts and helps with self-worth.

Good For: Relieves anxiety and aids relaxation.

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