Ultimate Care Package



Ultimate Care Package is the perfect way to enjoy rituals of self love, manifestation, meditations, self care and growth. To grow is to LiveWell, constantly exploring concepts and ideas around the sustainability of habits that help us build towards our longer term goals. We’ll prompt you with a monthly subscription, for July we’re focusing on SELF LOVE.

💗 Use the Rose Incense to help relax and wind down at the end of the day to relieve stress and improve sleep.

💗 Find a place to set up your crystals, on your bedside table, somewhere nearby or carry them with everywhere you go to create a soothing aura, attract compassion and kindness, and feel instantly protected against negative energies.

💗 Complete your ritual by filling in the 30 day Self Love Journal that will help prompt you in creating habits focused around taking time for yourself and challenging your perspective with daily check in’s and habit trackers included!

July’s Care Package includes the following products;

  • 3 Crystals: Rose Quartz, Jade & Amethyst

  • Rose Incense Sticks

  • July Mini Guide: Crystal meanings & how to use them, Incense and when to burn it, Monthly Horoscope, Monthly Tarot Reading & Self Love Breathing Meditation

  • BONUS 30 Day Self Love Journal 

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