Psychic Sisters

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Wand

  • Solid Lapis Lazuli Crystal 
  • Protective stone 
  • Helps to create healthy vibrations

Lapis Lazuli Crystal: 
lapis lazuli is a shielding crystal, providing protection from negative energies and influences that may surround the individual. Whilst protecting, the crystal also balances low vibrations with high vibrations, balancing them out to create healthier, more balanced vibrations.

The Wand: Individual wands are unique in shape, size and colour and can help to bring balance to the body, mind & spirit. Before you receive your wand, know that it has been hand picked, cleaned, charged, and packaged in a 100% recyclable tube. 

How to use: hold this wand when in need of protection, balance or positivity. Keep it in your home, work place or on your person to bring a sense of balance & wellness to your environment.  

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