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Crystal Trees

£14.99 £19.99
  • Balances emotions 
  • Harmonises the chakras
  • Absorbs energy 

Our Crystal Trees are packed with branches folded to protect through transit. This means that every tree is unique to yourself when you style the tree to suit you. The gem tree is stylish and a great addition to any home, it's energy will absorb stores, whilst balancing and revitalising the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes  


Size: approx 10 cms tall. The base is 4 cm in diameter and is quartz with clear quartz crystals around the base of the tree.

Please note: These gem trees are shipped with the "branches" folded in order to avoid any damage in transit. This allows you to arrange the branches in a style that suits you best, thereby making your particular tree even more unique and individual.

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