Lucent Studios

Amulet Crystal Necklace - Wellness

  • Helps wearer improve overall sense of self 
  • Includes 4 crystal types 
  • Dainty gold chain 

Improve your overall sense of wellbeing with this carefully selected collection of crystals. The ideal every day necklace to support you through your physical and emotional journey through life. 

Crystals Included: 

Rose Quartz: The crystal of love, will help support blossoming friendships and encourage self love.

Amazonite: Helps to clear and calm the mind, bringing balance to the atmosphere radiating a loving energy.

Citrine: Aids a positive mind set and helps cultivate confidence and personal power

Amethyst: A crystal to relive the wearer of any stresses or strains

Size: 46cm in length, 4mm per bead.


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