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  • Harnessing Spiritual Serenity: Elevate your style with our Amethyst Sterling Silver Crystal Pendant. This captivating piece channels the serene energy of amethyst, a stone known for its spiritual and calming properties.
  • Balancing Energies: Amethyst is revered for its ability to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Let its tranquil vibes soothe your soul and harmonise your energies.
  • Empowerment Through Clarity: The pendant's amethyst crystal, elegantly set in sterling silver, serves as a constant reminder of clarity and spiritual growth. Wear this pendant to enhance your inner wisdom and connection to higher realms.

A Journey of Transformation: As you wear this pendant, allow amethyst's purifying energy to cleanse your aura and release any negative attachments. Feel its protective embrace as it shields you from stress and negativity, creating a haven of tranquility wherever you go.

A Symbol of Inner Peace: Amethyst's soothing influence is known to promote relaxation and mental clarity. Its subtle yet powerful energy can aid in meditation and dream work, offering a path to deeper understanding and self-discovery.

Elevate Your Everyday: Whether you're seeking spiritual connection or a touch of elegance, our Amethyst Sterling Silver Crystal Pendant effortlessly enhances your aura and style. Embrace the positive transformation it brings and carry its gentle energy with you throughout your journey.


Please note: Each crystal is completely unique in shape, size, and colour as they're made with irregular natural materials. 

Packaging: Comes with gift pouch (one of four colours)




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