Amethyst Crystal Tumblestone | Chakra Stone | Release Anxious Energy

  • Protective Properties
  • Balances mood swings 
  • Help you to connect to your higher self

Amethyst is a great all round crystal.  Known as one of the master crystals, it is a powerful protective stone and helps to protect against negativity. 

It is a healing crystal and especially useful to have nearby during meditation as this stone helps to connect us to our crown chakra.

It can also help to balance mood swings and irritability, clears anxiety and sadness and promotes peace and calm.

How to use: Keep this stone next to you during meditation to increase your spiritual connection with the divine energy of the universe.

How to care for your crystal: To keep your crystal charged and energised you can leave it under the light of a full moon. This helps to cleanse and recharge the energy of the crystal, maximising it's healing powers. 




Please note: Size, shape, and colour may vary due the natural materials of the crystal

Size: Approximately 1-3cm 

Sold Individually

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