Prompt Card Game | Am I Normal? | Ask the questions to find out...

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  • Do you class yourself as normal?
  • Set of 52 cards to find out
  • A tool of self-assessment and reassurance 

Get your friends and family involved to find out exactly how normal the people around you are.

This set of cards is here to settle any unanswered questions you ask yourself every day.

The idea of 'am I normal?' in some way we all feel like we are being odd in certain aspects of our lives. But our picture of what normal is, can be far from true!

Use these cards as a self-assessment and reassurance tool to help you understand that your uniqueness should be celebrated not deemed as odd.




The School of Life

The School of Life is a London based therapy-informed wellness brand. Their mission is to help people learn, heal, and grow through products inspired by philosophy, psychotherapy, psychology, art, and culture. They also run a therapy division and deliver a psychological programme of education that empowers your mind and can help you to master your emotions.

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