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Silk Pillows: Your Sleep Upgrade

Discover the magic of our silk collection! With antibacterial powers, it pampers your skin and keeps breakouts at bay while giving your hair a frizz-free, shiny boost. Embrace the luxury of silk for radiant skin and luscious locks!


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100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillow Case for Healthy Hair & Skin


Indulge in luxurious comfort with our 100% natural mulberry silk pillow cases. Not only do they feel soft against your skin, but they also have anti-bacterial properties to protect your hair and skin while you sleep. Available in any size for a customised fit. Upgrade your bedding with our premium pillow cases. Experience the ultimate in comfortable sleeping with our 100% natural mulberry silk pillow cases. Not only do they provide a soft, luxurious feel against your skin, but they also protect against bacteria, keeping your hair and skin healthy and radiant while you sleep. Choose from a variety of sizes for a custom fit and elevate your bedding to a whole new level of excellence with our premium pillow cases.


Hypoallergenic, Frizz-free, Radiant

Silk's hypoallergenic nature makes it perfect for sensitive skin, reducing irritation and promoting a calm, clear complexion. Its smooth texture ensures a frizz-free experience for your hair, preventing breakage and split ends while maintaining shine. Embrace the radiant benefits of silk, combining luxury and care for your skin and hair.

22 Momme, Mulberry Silk, What is it?

22 momme mulberry silk is the crème de la crème of silks! 

With its perfect weight and dreamy softness, it's like sleeping 

in a cloud. Made from silkworms munching only on mulberry

 leaves, this silk is extra durable and super luxurious. 

Treat yourself to the best night's sleep with this silky delight!