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Why Use Oracle Cards

By LiveWell Community

Oracle Cards are a tool used and associated with divination, the practise of seeking knowledge or guidance from the future.  Typically, oracle cards have an image or picture is combined with a phrase, quote or affirmation.  Sometimes there may be more descriptive information provided, or it may be up to you to create your meaning around the card and how it relates to you.  Oracle cards are an accessible way for anyone to enjoy the ritual of card pulling and gentle guidance from the universe. 

What's the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards

Tarot Cards contain 78 cards in a full deck which are split into different suits, numbers or types.  Oracle cards are a lot less structured with no certain amount and are more open to how you create meaning around it.  Tarot decks will contain the same images and card titles, whereas there are many different oracle card decks which are themed around things such as the moon, angels or animals.  Both card decks offer the opportunity to connect with your intuition and receive gentle guidance towards specific situations in your life or future. 

What Oracle Cards can help us with

When you are ruminating over a decision in your life, or want general guidance or advice.  Choosing a card can help us to connect to ourselves and our intuition.  They can help us to realise the answer that we want to hear, the answer that our higher self knows to be true, or the answer that the universe provides.  Oracle cards let us create our meaning around our cards, recognising what area of our life the card applies to.  They can serve as a great reminder of the power and knowledge we already have within us, and when you’ve lost your way, you can seek that guidance out.  Use Oracle cards when you are struggling with making a choice or decision, when you are caught between head and heart, or to see what cards vibration is matching your current energy.

How to use Oracle Cards

There are many ways to use oracle cards.  Always shuffle your deck before choosing, and be alert for cards presenting themselves to you.  This could be a card separating from the deck whilst shuffling, or a card that’s facing a different way from all the others.  If you are laying your cards out for a reading, choose the card you feel the most drawn to.  Always trust your instinct and go with your gut, the first card you are called to is the card for you.  You can use your cards for specific advice, by thinking about the situation at hand before choosing your card.  Or you can just choose a card as general reading.  

Do you use Oracle Cards?

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