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HELLO SEPTEMBER, while some of us are heading back to school, college and university, others are transitioning back into work or wanting to begin a brand new routine. Some experts say that new year's resolutions should actually be set at the start of the academic year and not in January. So with that being said, September is the new goal setting season! And we're here to support you in your exciting new endeavors!  

So, what is The LiveWell Academy you ask?

Throughout the month of September we want to further inspire, motivate and help you grow into a better version of yourself 1 step at a time, giving you a head start before the new year kicks off! 

In the LiveWell Academy we are focusing on 4 areas of personal growth, Mindfulness, Fitness, Nutrition, and Personal Development. Through each week in September we are here to help guide you into a better mindset in all four of these areas as you develop into a better version of yourself. Be prepared for tips, tricks, advice, videos and the very best accessories to help you along the way! Be sure to keep your eye on this blog as we keep you up to date each week! 

Let's dig a little deeper, shall we! 

The first week of September will consist of helping you incorporate ways of becoming more mindful into your everyday life. These tips can really help you appreciate what you already have and what you want in life going forwards. How to help you be more positive and motivate you towards your goals.

Top 5 Mindful Tips for the week :

🔮 Swap just 10 minutes of mindlessly scrolling socials to gratitude journaling 

🔮 Set visual reminders, eg: sticky notes on your fridge

🔮 Practice 5-10 minutes of meditation 

🔮 Release your inner child and take some time to draw, colour or scribble  

🔮 Create some time for yourself one evening this week and dedicate it to self care and indulgence 


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- Tarot Tips 

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- Gifts for virgos

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- Therapeutic Activities To Calm and Clear Your Mind 

- Moon Cycles, what are they and how to make the most of them


Shop our very special Mindful Collection, specially selected products designed to help you live a little more mindfully.


The second week is our Fitness week which will help you set goals whether big or small to get your body moving and even into new routines. Whether this is tips on the benefits of going for a walk everyday to how many times a week you should work out. Our five tips for this week will include small tasks you can adapt to your normal routine to suit you. 

Top 5 Fitness Tips for the week :

  • Try something new
  • Partner up and do a workout together
  • Plan your workouts in advance (e.g book yoga classes or even a walk with a friend)

  • Challenge yourself (try adding one more workout into your week )
  • check in with your body - make time for recovery

Blogs to read : 

Should I exercise every day?

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- HIIT training and the benefits

- Get outdoors and reep the free benefits 

- What are the benefits of group exercise?

- Motivating yourself to work out when WFH

- Grace full body barre (Video)


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Week three of The LiveWell Academy welcomes a nutritional balance! Tips on how to start considering a healthy balance whilst offering you ways to meal prep for the week ahead. How getting prepared can really push you into a more positive week from the get go. Tips will include small swaps and even Veggie and Vegan options.

Top 5 Nutrition Tips for the week :

  • Try something new
  • Drink a full glass of water before your morning coffee
  • Swap meat for a meat alternative (e.g, Tofu or lentils.)
  • Meal prep your lunch the night before
  • Experiment with your breakfast

Blogs to read : 

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Our final week of September is our Personal Development week. Here we want to offer you new ways to push yourself into the best version of you by making small changes in your day or even just the way you think. this is the best way to figure out what you want to achieve from new goals and achievements in the pipeline, how this will make you happier.


Top 5 Personal Development Tips for the week :

- Take 10 minutes in the evening to journal your thoughts from the day

- Ask yourself 'Have you changed from the person you were 3 years ago?'

- Get up 10 minutes early one day to stretch your body

- Cut down your social media time this week

- Create an evening for your self-care

Blogs to read : 

- Free Yourself From Negative Beliefs

- 30 Self Reflection Journaling Prompts

- Exploring The Art of Waking Up At 5am

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Head over to our instagram to share your actions and show us how you're doing in The LiveWell Academy. Don't forget to tag us in your posts and use the hashtags #shareyouractions & #livewellacademy - @livewellstudio


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