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The importance of cherishing friendships this Valentine's Day

By The Studio

Where would we be without friendship? That fundamental glue that holds us together. They say that blood is thicker than water, and whilst measurably, that is true, sometimes the people that have seen us in our purest form and rawest, are the ones that fall under the water category. Friendship, it is infinite. It is not judgmental, it is not jealous, it is compassion, kindness and support. So why don’t we celebrate friendship like we do romantic relationships? Surely, these friendships shape us into who we are, and have most likely picked us up after a failed romantic relationship. Friendship is vital to our life.

I often think about how much I not only value but depend on my friendships. I am fortunate enough to have a close group of friends that have walked along side me for many years. Have I always got it right as a friend? Absolutely not. But as I’ve got older, I have realised it’s certainly quality over quantity, and tried to create safe spaces for my friends to have vulnerable conversations. Your friends should feel seen, and just like a romantic partner, there is no such thing as a flawless friend. Some friendships last a lifetime, whilst some people walk into your life mid-way through, and you’ll instantly click, each equally as important to nurture.

Friendship, for me, is the mutual appreciation towards each other and who not only praises you on the high’s and picks you up through the lows, but in the middle continues to add to your existing happiness. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing your love and admiration, why shouldn’t we celebrate the love we have for our friends? I often see the quote flying around that say’s “soulmates can be found in friendships too”, and whilst it seems a bit Sex and the City, I do think it’s true.

So, what can you do, to cherish your friendships this Valentine’s Day? It can be so simple. A text message to say you’re thinking of them, you thank them for loving you no matter what. Take them out for dinner, send a bunch of flowers to their work, ask them for a coffee, ring them on your lunch break. If you’re the busy friend (usually me and my chaos- nothing glamorous it’s the mum life) make a conscious effort to prioritize meeting up. Your friends will appreciate that more than you probably realise.

Whilst we often spend this day paying homage to our ‘better’ (arguably) halves, let your friends know they are cared for and tell them you love and appreciate them. After all, we all wake up with the same innate and longingness to simply be seen, be loved and understood.


 By Hollie Warwick

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