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The best books to read by influential women

By LiveWell Community

The Woman’s hour by Elaine Weiss


If you are interested in history this is a glorious read about how women ended up getting the vote in the US. It’s beautifully told by Elaine about the inspirational female activists who bravely led women to gain the vote in the shadow of the cold war. Elaine does a great job at helping the reader understand how much had to be done and how much these women went through to gain these freedoms for all other women.


Becoming by Michelle Obama


It would be hard to leave Michelle out of this list. This memoir really delves into the amazing women she is and what it really meant for her to be the first ever African-American first lady. How she used her position to become a powerful advocate for women and girls all over the world. She openly shares with us stories of her upbringing and is wonderfully honest about her successes and failures both professionally and personally. This book really leaves you feeling like you can do anything with a positive mindset.



Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


This is the story of two young Nigerians who were forced to leave university because of the strikes in Nigeria. One went to America and the other went to London. It’s an interesting insight into the intricacies of race, of the differences between being black in Africa and being black in America. She is not afraid to be controversial and brings up some important topics of discussion despite being fiction. Very thought provoking.




White Teeth by Zadie Smith


This is a brilliant book with a recurring theme about identity. With a host of characters all from different cultures it really gives the reader a detailed insight into these peoples lives, their cultures and how they navigate through life in London in the late 20th century. I always think learning is one thing I never want to stop doing, I love to learn about history and different cultures. Being from London myself I found it super fascinating learning about my hometown London through the eyes of an immigrant and understanding how  different my life could have been in a different culture.


Girlboss by Sophia Amorusa


Sophia Amorusa is an inspirational women who literally went from a life of petty crime and looking in dumpsters for food to being the founder and chairman of a $250-million dollar fashion retailer. This is her story of how she got there. Its a great reminder to show you that you don’t have to come from money to make money and a lack of education doesn’t have to stop you either.  Its the perfect book for anyone wanting some inspiration to get their creative ideas going and gain some insight into how learning how Sophia did it could help them with their business.


Drink by Ann Dowsett Johnston


Drink is an inspiring yet scary look at the intimate relationship between women and alcohol. Ann Dowsett Johnson shares her own personal journey while also looking at the epidemic of the rise of risky drinking in women. Ann covers many aspects of this, psychological, social as well as industry factors that contribute to its rise. With it being such a huge part of culture in today’s world it discusses how bridging the gap between men and women in the workplace and education has also come with some gaps being bridged in other areas that are not as positive.


Mistakes I made at work by Jessica Bacal


This book is actually compiled of many stories of some incredible influential women and the mistakes they learnt at work and how they learned from them. This is a great book for entrepreneurs who want great advice from successful women in many different fields. Jessica interviews 25 different women and covers a wide variety of mistakes they made in business and exactly how they overcame them. One of the main takeaways I got from this book is that no-one is perfect, we all make mistakes, especially when starting a business and mistakes doesn’t always mean failure.



The Witches : Salem 1692

If you are interested to know a little bit more about the history of witches this book is for you. It is very fact heavy but it was certainly a very interesting read about the Salem witch trials. Back ion that time id certainly have been drowned as a witch if anyone saw my tarot cards, my crystals or any other of my witchy things. Its fascinating how these practises evolved over the years, I may get some funny looks today if I said I was casting a spell but its pretty common nowadays for me to say i’m manifesting something. Spells and manifesting really are the same thing its just over the years we have started using different terms that are more accepted. Learning about how ‘witches’ were treated back in Salem is certainly eye opening into how we have changed as a society into the spiritual world.


By Lauren Rose 


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