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Sisterhood - Supporting Women

By LiveWell Community

It’s so easy for us to sit and look at other people, regardless of their gender, and feel some kind of envy, jealousy or even judgment to how they’re living their lives or the choices they make, simply because for some unknown reason, that’s how we’ve become conditioned to think.


But, believe it or not, it’s actually so much easier for us to support other people and lift them up, as opposed to shooting them down or holding these negative feelings in our heads.


I strongly believe that social media is the biggest culprit for all of this, but in reality how easy is it for us to drop a heart on the bottom of somebody’s post, to click “like” and to write positive comments on other women’s photos?! And here, I’m focusing specifically on women as Interntaional Women’s Day approaches and the majority of the readers of this article are female, also because women are sometimes more receptive to these little things. Also, because we, as women, often underestimate the value of our power. We hold the power to uplift others, so why wouldn’t we?!


Often, we post photos for a little bit of a confidence boost - perhaps we take a selfie we think is a good snap and then feel we need a little reassurance from the world of Instagram or Facebook to validate our external “prettiness”, so sit and watch how many people acknowledge our post. Maybe we’ll sit and check who’s noticed our photo or who’s watched our video. Maybe we’re looking for some validation of our new hair or different shade of lipstick. Similarly, we might be sharing a new venture, an update on our fitness goals or a photo of a new meal we’ve tried out.


Instead of judging somebody’s outfit choice, hairstyle or question somebody’s career choice, it’s really quite simple to shift our mindset to lift the woman in the photograph up by sharing a positive compliment. Support the woman who’s sharing her goals and achievements. Check in with the woman that’s publicly vocal about a breakup. Offer a helping hand to the woman that’s reaching out for advice. Love the woman that’s looking for love. Smile at the woman that looks sad and go above and beyond your usual movements to make each other feel good. We are all worthy of love and we can never know what the personal circumstances are of the stranger we’re crossing paths with and who may need a little pick-me-up.



So to put it simply, let’s lift each other up in any way we can. It may be as simply as sharing somebody’s page online, signing a petition they’re supporting or telling the lady in the supermarket that you like her coat.


Whatever it is, no act of kindness is too small.


These little things can lift somebody up in a way far bigger than we know. Kindness costs nothing but can go a very long way.


Happy International Women’s Day, ladies.


\By Lauren Loudon

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