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Self Love Rituals for you to try

By The Studio

We all know the importance of looking after yourself but it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon sometimes and get so busy looking after others, working hard and running around that you forget to take care of yourself. I know all too well, I go there myself!


With the theme of love floating through February, it’s a great time to check on those self love rituals and take a moment to see how we are treating ourselves.


So here are a few rituals we can add to our days to keep the self love alive and the good spirits flowing.


  • Enjoy a warming cup of tea, hot water and lemon or an indulgent hot chocolate while listening to some relaxing music.


  • Pop on a podcast and go for a walk in nature - even twenty minutes is enough to cleanse the soul and soak in the winter air.


  • Cook yourself your favourite food and take the time to enjoy the process.


  • The age old favourite: run a hot bath, add some bath oil or a bath bomb, light some candles aaaand relax!


  • Nourish yourself with your favourite treats and don’t feel guilty enjoying them!


  • Read some pages of a book before bed or write your days thoughts on paper.


  • Attend an event focused around the self - perhaps there’s a wellbeing workshop or yoga class that’ll fill a little void.


  • Light some incense or put some essential oils in a diffuser and let the scents fill the air and calm your senses!


These may be little, relatively menial rituals but they can make a huge difference to your mood.


 By Lauren Loudon

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