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Saskia Wrycroft X Livewell collab Q&A

By LiveWell Community

Meet Saskia Wrycroft, the face (and owner) of the eponymous jewellery brand. She started the brand from an early age and since it's humble beginnings, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Today marks the launch of a exclusive collection with us and Saskia Wrycroft!  We caught up with her to find out more about her brand and the inspo behind this collection...


Q: When did you start making jewellery?

S: I started my business at 14 and it was just a hobby, to be honest. I couldn't find a job in high school, so I thought 'I'll make jewellery and sell it on Etsy.' Until recently, I had different part time jobs whilst running my Etsy shop part time. December is when I officially became self-employed.


Q: What inspires the jewellery?

S: The main thing that inspires the jewellery is the gemstone itself. I figure out how that gemstone can be presented in the best way!

Q: How does sustainability factor in with this range?

S: So all the sterling silver in this range (and in a lot of my ranges) is eco silver, so that's melted down scraps of silver, or chains that aren't in use.

Q: Lastly, what inspired the creation?

S: So this collection was tailored to LiveWell customers, we used all their favourite gemstones and colours and it can be found online or instore!


We caught up with Saskia at our LiveWell store, to document the journey to creating this exclusive collection, from hand-drawn sketches and making the jewellery, to photographing them and uploading them online!  Here's some snaps from the day!






 This limited edition collection is exclusive and can only be found in our Northern quarter store or online on our website, so don't miss out!!

Here's 3 of our top picks from the collection:

1.  Angelite beaded bracelet  

2. Gold Plated Tangerine Quartz  Necklace 

3. Lapis hinged hoops w/drop crystal Gold Vermile


By Ife Lawrence 




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