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Rituals for a cosy Winter Solstice

By The Studio

The Winter Solstice falls this year on December 21st .  What is the winter solstice we hear you ask?  It’s the day of the year with the shortest amount of daylight hours, signifying the change in daylight starting to (slowly) draw back out.  Still not sure whether it's something worth celebrating?  It’s a time to acknowledge the dark and celebrate the light within.  These are some cosy rituals you can do on the 21st to honour yourself and this period of slowing down and rest. 

Celebrate light, celebrate life!

There may not be much light outside, but bring gentle soothing light inside with candles or salt lamps.  Let this inspire you into thinking about what brings light into your life.  Journal or write a list of things that make you feel light and joyful.  Celebrate these things and express gratitude to the universe, acknowledging you are ready to welcome more of these things into your life.  Be thankful for the light, the sun and all the beautiful light sources in your day.

Find release

Write a list of things that keep you in the darkness.  That stop you from projecting your light into the world.  If you can safely do so, throw this list into a fire or flame.  Watch the light engulf these things as you acknowledge it's time to let them go.  The darkness can't keep out the light.  Acknowledge what’s holding you back and find release from its grip.  


Bring warmth from within with healthy foods that nourish the body.  Think seasonal produce, rich soothing flavours and spices that evoke a sense of warmth and grounding.  Connecting us back to nature and the earth with foods from the earth itself.  Ditch the processed foods today, and incorporate things such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, hearty lentils, vegetables and seasonal fruits.  Drink warming herbal teas or rich cacao.  Anything that brings you comfort is perfect.

Soothe body and mind

Relax into calming meditation or a soothing yin practice.  Winter Solstice encourages us to draw our awareness inwards, the darkness teaches us to search for our own light.  Meditation and yin give us the time and space to explore internally, to notice our thoughts, feelings and really check in with ourselves.  Include lots of forward folds into your practice and focus on the quality of your own breathing.  See where your mind naturally wanders to, and journal anything that repeatedly comes up.  It might signify an area of your life where work needs to be done. 

Happy solstice!
Written by Donna Edwards

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