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Relating To Your Higher Self

By The Studio

We all have goals and dreams which we wish to achieve, or hobbies that we enjoy doing, careers that we are striving for.  But what is it all for?  What is our higher purpose?  They say that this is the key to a happy life, to find your purpose.  That thing that lights you up, brings you joy and helps you to serve other people.  What would your highest self be doing?  The you that has no time constraints, no money worries, and no doubts and fears.  They say that that is your purpose.


What is our higher self?

Our higher self is the part of us that is connected to the divine energy source.  It is eternal, spiritual, soulful unlimited energy.  This version of you has no fears and is led by love and intuition.  Always motivated and inspired, this you is always in tune with your deepest inner desires, secrets and dreams.


Connecting to your higher self


The simplest and most powerful way to connect to your higher self is through meditation.  During meditation we take time to become present, and silence the day to day thoughts which run our lives.  In this space pf silence and presence we can begin to turn our attention inwards and really notice what our true self is feeling away from the external world.  This gives our internal voice, our higher self a platform to speak from.  Listen to what comes up when you meditate, if you find yourself gravitating towards something note it down.  This could be your highest self trying to tell you something while its quiet enough for you to hear.


During meditation you might like to keep a journal next to you.  Make notes of what comes up and what leaves you feeling motivated and inspired.  Journaling is a powerful way to give ourselves space for our thoughts to just pour out on to the page and see what comes up.  If you find it hard to sit down with the intention of writing, set yourself a free writing challenge.  Set a timer for ten minutes, put the pen to paper and without thinking just begin to write.  No editing, no going back, no pausing between sentences.  Just continue to write until the timer runs out.  Giving yourself this freedom to just be you, gives your higher self a chance to come forward with any messages that might of been hiding in your subconscious.


Forgetting your fears

Once you've found the inner voice of the higher self, you can choose to start living by this way.  The main thing that stops us from reaching our highest potential is FEAR.  In times when you feel doubts and fear start to creep in, check in.  What would my highest self do?  Your highest self always acts from a place of love and growth, never fear or doubt.  So neither should you!  Everything you need is within you, you don't have to wait to become your higher self, you are already it.


Finding your purpose

So how do we connect the two?  When you've checked in with your higher self, notice if there are any themes to your goals, daydreams or thoughts.  Think about your values, and what is important to you and your happiness.  Your purpose can be found here.  And don't think it has to be anything grandiose.  Your purpose could be something as meaningful and simple as 'to raise my child to become a confident happy adult.'  Or perhaps 'to speak up and help the causes I am passionate about.'  Your purpose is your own, no matter how big or small it is, it doesn't lose value.  Once you've connected with the thing that sparks your soul and evokes passion into your spirit, you are on the right track.  Now its up to you to choose how you bring this purpose forwards into the world!  Follow your intuition, let your higher self guide you, and go bring your magic into the world.  Every time one person lives according to their highest self, it creates a chain reaction and you inspire someone else to do the same.


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