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New Moon in Sagittarius – What does it mean?

By The Studio

Saturday 4th December, we celebrate the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.  This zodiac sign connects us to our adventurous and optimistic side, helping us to see from a new perspective.  A Sagittarius moon helps us to see things clearly.  Anything that has been suppressed will come to light, encouraging us to lean in to the things that scare us the most.  This New Moon tells you to stop hiding in the shadows and release your potential without fear.  This month it's time to stop hiding. You are being called to shine.


The Sagittarius New Moon is our final new moon of the year.  Providing us with the opportunity to review and reflect on the year that has passed.  A great time to spend some time journaling.  What did this year teach you?  What are you ready to let go of?  What are your goals for 2022? This moon opens the portal for new energy, clarity and vision to break through.  Representing new beginnings and change.  Connect to your energetic and adventurous side and allow this moon to remind you that anything is possible.

Use this Sagittarius New Moon to;

  • Journal.  Take time to reflect on the year.  Look at places where you failed, succeeded, moments that provided growth and lessons.  What brought you joy, and what drained your energy?  What are your goals for the year ahead, and what don’t you want to take with you from 2021?  
  • Intention. Every new moon we get the chance to set new intentions for the month ahead.  At this final new moon of the year, we can set our intention for the year ahead.  What do you want from 2022?  Think of a word or energy that resonates with the way you want the year to go.  It could be anything from love, to success to peace.  
  • Adventure. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.  Be courageous and have fun.  Do something you’ve been putting off, or try something new you’ve always wanted to experience.  


Happy New Moon!


Written by Donna Edwards



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