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March Book of the Month: Wilding by Isabella Tree

By LiveWell Community

March Book of the Month 

Wilding by Isabella Tree

This week its World Book Day, so we are bringing you our March book of the month to celebrate!  With Spring right around the corner, we are focusing on nature, being outside and getting ready to watch the world wake up around us.  This month we’ve been reading Wilding by Isabella Tree.  A book that celebrates the return of wildlife and nature to a British farm.  Giving hope that things will always grow and reawaken when we give them time and nourishment. 

“We forget, in a world completely transformed by man, that what we’re looking at is not necessarily the environment wildlife prefer, but the depleted remnant that wildlife is having to cope with: what it has is not necessarily what it wants.” - Wilding

Set on beautiful land at Knepp in West Sussex is Isabella and Charlies family farm.  After realising their business of intensive farming was doing more harm than good to the surrounding land, they were struggling financially trying to balance an unsustainable lifestyle as farmers in a modern world.  Couple Isabella and Charlie decide to give up on farming and let the land rest.  The time of recovery allowed nature to thrive and become abundant once more.  During the time this project was underway in 2016, the UK was rated 29th in the world for biodiversity loss, with 56% of UK species in decline.  The project at Knepp Farm was not only a huge personal success, but also paved the way to show that this recovery process could work in restoring nature and wildlife back to Britain to its fullest capacity.  An inspiring story of hope, it looks at the positive aspects of rewilding.  How it affects not only the plants and wildlife, but also how it benefits us as a society living in this modern world.  It presents us with a better understanding of how the world is truly living and breathing around us, and how all our actions suffer repercussion.  

Read this book if;

  • You want to delve deeper into understanding nature and wildlife better.
  • Spring still seems far away and you want to tap into feelings of hope and brighter days blossoming.
  • You have a passion in environmental wellbeing and sustainability.

Happy World Book Day!  What will you be reading this month?

Written by Donna Edwards

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