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Leaving Negativity Behind

By The Studio

It’s safe to say that 2021 has been another year full of craziness, uncertainty and disappointment. We’ve all had a rocky year in our own ways and have collectively been dealt cards that we may not have known how to best navigate. Personal changes have happened, restrictions have forced us to adapt our plans, we may have even caught the dreaded virus and been floored for a period.


Whatever it’s been, it’s time to let it go. We’ve all been hurled into this boat together for pushing on two years now and it’s important to try to let go of the negativity that’s associated with the unknowns the pandemic has brought.


It’s all very well sitting here thinking ahead to a new year that’s just around the corner and claiming to make a fresh start as we generally do in the last week of December, but we’ve all learnt that sometimes the universe has bigger plans for us. So, the most important thing here is to just take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and understand that, despite the negativity that’s surrounded us at times, there have undoubtedly been a bundle of amazing times too.


Perhaps you’ve moved on from a relationship you didn’t think would end but in turn, you met somebody that changed your life this year? Maybe your holiday plans got disrupted but instead you got to spend some quality time with loved ones and discover a new place that’s on your doorstep. It could be that, more recently, your family Christmas was interrupted by Covid itself, but you managed to spread the love by communicating widely with more people through your phone.


Whatever’s been taken away, disrupted or changed this year - whether it’s been connected to the pandemic or not - has happened for a reason. There’s a positive side to every scenario and at the end of the year it’s important to reflect on these moments. Even more important is that we leave the negativity behind and start a brand new year with a fresh slate as far as we can.


Life is all about learning from our mistakes, picking ourselves up from the tumbles we have and understanding that no feeling is permanent. So here’s to finding the positives in the past twelve months and leaping into a new year with a head full of dreams, holding onto the good times and proudly smiling because you deserve to!


Happy New Year, loves.


Lauren Loudon x

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