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Goal Setting this Winter

By The Studio

Goal Setting this Winter

As the temperature drops, it’s somewhat inevitable that our noses start to run, our skin starts to crack and our bones start to ache. With this, it’s important to nourish ourselves with those extra vitamins and make a conscious effort to feed our bodies with what it’s craving. 

Our health isn’t just our diet, but everything from our sleep patterns right down to our personal thoughts and what we say to ourselves. That means it’s important that the goals we set are both gentle and realistic. Our diets and habits naturally change with the seasons and so should our goals. It’s all too easy to turn to comfort food as the cold air calls for comfy blankets and cosy nights in and an important thing to remember is that is absolutely okay. If for you this means trading in an ice-cold smoothie for an indulgent hot chocolate, switching a salad to some carb-heavy nourishment or choosing a mince pie over a piece of fruit, allow that to be the case. But why not also include some herbal tea, some hot water with lemon and a hot bowl of soup? 

There’s no reason to make direct comparisons with what we eat and drink at different times of the year, but there’s every reason to keep our diets balanced in order to benefit from the highest form of well-being right from our mind throughout our whole body. 

A simple way to achieve this balance is by setting small goals that allow us to keep track of what we are doing. As an example, I’ve designated Mondays to be meat-free as a way to counter the hearty roast I love to eat on a Sunday and if I indulge in a rich hot chocolate late at night, I’ll opt for a refreshing tea the next time my body craves a warm drink. If my wintery lunch is full of carbs and I’m feeling heavy, my body will naturally cry for a hot soup to round off the day so I’ll provide the nutrients as they’re needed.

Being gentle with your expectations is the key to goal setting and understanding that your body will ask for different things at different times of the year is the most important of all. As human beings, our weight and body shape is supposed to fluctuate and holding onto a certain number or banning ourselves from eating specific food items leads to problems beyond our jeans being the wrong size. An important factor is not to overthink every calorie we intake and go easy on ourselves as the world seems to suggest we should put more pressure on ourselves to adhere to a certain way.

Outline what you’re aiming to achieve and then set yourself a little roadmap of getting there. Be kind to yourself, ease the pressure to live up to a false expectation and allow yourself to indulge in the heavenly treats that autumn and winter bring, balancing it out with everything else that your body needs to look and feel great!


By Lauren Loudon

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