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Free Yourself From Negative Beliefs

By The Studio

Our beliefs are things that are instilled in us from a young age.  These can be influenced by our parents, family members, teachers, friends and through what we see on TV.  We all have old though patterns that we have been conditioned to think since a young age.  Sometimes these thought patterns can be a detriment to our mental wellbeing and cause us to see our lives through a negative filter. However, we can learn to retrain our minds and let go of these beliefs that no longer serve us.


What is a negative belief?

A negative belief is a thought which has been repeated frequently until it becomes imbedded as something perceived to be true.  A limiting belief can be based on any aspect of your life, and holds us back from achieving our true potential or success.  Negative beliefs can affect our confidence and perception of something in our life.


Noticing your negative patterns

Awareness is the key.  We can't change what we don't acknowledge.  Noticing what negative beliefs you constantly come back to is important to figure out how to stop them.  They can be themed around specific areas in your life such as self esteem, relationships or money.  If we constantly feel negative towards one area of our life, we can notice that this is the same area we often struggle in.  If you believe that you never have any money, chances are you probably won't. Think back to common things you heard your parents say when you were growing up.  Negative beliefs can often be passed down.  If you overheard your parents speaking about how difficult it was to earn money, and that there was never enough money.  You've probably grown up thinking the same thing.


Turn a negative to a positive

When you start to notice your repetitive negative beliefs.  Write them down.  If your negative belief is 'I never have enough money and money is hard to earn.'  Think how you can change this belief to something that evokes positivity.  'Money comes to me in abundance and I always have enough.'  Therefore by repeating this positive statement, we create a new belief.  This is how we rewire our brain to attract more of what we want.  Instead of focusing on what we don't want or what we lack.  The trick is to catch yourself in the act.  When you hear yourself saying a negative thought, become aware and stop.

'A belief is just a thought repeated over and over again.'




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