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Easing back into routine

By The Studio

The slowness of Christmas and New Year is often a welcome break for many of us.  However, the lack of routine can unsettle us when it comes to January.  Social media can be overwhelming as it makes us feel like we have to fly straight into the new year with guns blazing and start boxing off our goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight.  But this year we are taking a gentler approach, and easing ourselves back into our daily routine.  Here are some things you don’t need to feel bad about;

Don’t get caught up in the hype if you’re not feeling it. 

 It can be a tricky time of year to navigate, faced with all the new year new me quotes, it can make us feel that we need to make some drastic change in our life.  But guess what?  You don’t.  You don’t need the strike of a clock to tell you when it's time to change your life, and it doesn’t have to be January.  You have the power to do this at any point in the year.  So, if there's no resolutions that are resonating with you, or if you are already happy with how your life is going, then keep doing you.  

It's not compulsory to start the year with a to do list or a goals list as long as your arm.  

Not sure how you want your year to go?  That’s okay too.  Let your goals and intentions naturally blossom and evolve throughout the months.  You don’t need to have everything figured out all at once.  Go with the flow and let the universe bring the things into your life that are supposed to be there.  Start to shape your year around the things and opportunities that present themselves to you.


Take a couple of days after Christmas to realign 

Just because the festivities are over, doesn’t mean you have to snap straight back to reality.  Why not give yourself a couple of days after the family have left, after the decorations are gone and the cleaning is done, to just process.  To take some time for yourself and realign with who you are and how you want to feel this year.  It's not so much about achievements and goals, but focusing on what emotions you want to feel regularly.  Peace? Joy? Focus?  Whatever it is for you, get clear on that for the year ahead so every step you take from that moment you are aligning your actions with how you want to feel instead of walking back into chaos and business. 

Introduce things slowly

Again, if you find this transition period into the new year a little overwhelming, take your time.  You don’t have to immediately pick back up all the hobbies, work tasks and social events you had before.  Get used to being back in a full working routine, and then when you feel your energy levels start to rise and balance out, start to incorporate those extracurricular activities back into your daily routine.  Don’t pressure yourself into doing things you don’t want to do.  

Remember to honour yourself and this slower season.  Start the year at a sustainable pace you can maintain, and let your energy and motivation gradually bloom and prosper with the seasons.

By Donna Edwards

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