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Christmas Cosmo

By The Studio

With all the flavours of the season and an added sparkle from the elderflower, this is my go-to cocktail for the festive season. It’s fresh, fruity and festive all in equal measures!


Grab yourself some glasses, fill them with ice and follow the simple steps below.


Makes 4


100ml Dry Gin

100ml Orange Juice

100ml Cranberry Juice

50ml Sparkling Elderflower

4 Star Anise

Dried Orange segments for garnish



Put the star anise on top of the ice, then pour the gin into each of your glasses in equal measure. Add the orange and cranberry juices and give it a good stir. Top up with the sparkling elderflower and garnish with the orange segments.


You’ll be sure to go back for more, so turn the speakers up and enjoy a little festive cheer!


Merry Christmas, loves.


Lauren Loudon






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