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Book of the Month – The Midnight Library Matt Haig

By The Studio

Book of the Month – The Midnight Library Matt Haig

The Midnight Library is an imaginative fiction bringing together mental health, imagination and a question of what if?  We all wonder what could have happened if we made a different choice in life, or if we could take back our regrets.  The Midnight Library gives chance to explore that through the life of Nora Seed.  As she finds herself stuck between life and death, she realises she has a choice, and an infinite number of possibilities to live for.

“We only need to be one person.
We only need to feel one existence.
We don't have to do everything in order to be everything, because we are already infinite. While we are alive we always contain a future of multifarious possibility.” 

- Matt Haig, The Midnight Library

Although this book contains elements of darkness, it ultimately proves to be an uplifting read that reminds you that life is full of opportunities and possibilities.  Each one bringing a different outcome, and with every moment we have the choice to create a different life.   It outlines the importance of hope and forgiveness and gives us chance to ask ourselves - what do we regret?  

Main character Nora has been blessed with a second chance.  Stuck between life and death, she gets to choose from the lives she wishes she could have had, the things she thought she wanted, and to find out that sometimes even the dream life isn't exactly what It seems.  In the Midnight Library, there is infinite possibilities, but Nora can’t stay in the in-between forever.  Will she find a life she wants to live, or will she slip into death thinking she never really lived?

Read this book if:

  • You feel like you made the wrong choices in life
  • If you feel hopeless and stuck
  • You want an easy read uplifting fiction story to lose yourself in

Rating 4/5

Written by Donna Edwards

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