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Book of the month - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

By The Studio

The Alchemist 

Book of the month - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a magical tale instilling wisdom, inspiration and guidance discreetly in between the lines of a fiction story.  The story follows the travels of an Andalusian shepherd boy, who recognises there is more to life than his sheep.  With a desire to travel and discover his purpose, he comes up against the many trials and tribulations that life throws his way. Through facing the ups and downs it takes to follow one's dreams, he discovers the secrets to finding happiness, understanding the world and himself.  

To realise one's destiny is a person's only obligation.’ - The Alchemist

This book is relatable to anyone at any phase of their life.  It awakens that part in all of us that hopes and dreams of something bigger. The book's wisdom can be applied to so many different aspects of our lives and reminds us to ultimately follow our hearts, not to become discouraged even when we come off track, and to always walk in the direction of our dreams. 

Read this book if:

  • You’re feeling a little lost and lacking purpose
  • If you want to remind yourself of the true meaning of life
  • If you need a boost of hope/inspiration/positivity

Rating 5/5


Written by Donna Edwards

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