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Book of the Month: Hygge – The Danish art of happiness

By The Studio

Hygge: The Danish art of living is a book about connecting with the softer way of living.  Explaining a typical Danish tradition, Hygge basically means to find joy and happiness in the little moments in life.  Hygge is something we can all incorporate more of into our life, no matter who you are or where you live.  Hygge is a practice for everyone.  Perfect for this time of year as we naturally want to slow down and spend more time indoors.  This book will help you to find the pleasure in resting and taking time out, instead of feeling that we aren't doing enough.

‘Instead of being smart to own something, it has become smart to know something.’ - Marie Tourell Soderberg Hygge: The Danish art of happiness

This book is like a little bible for creating a cosy, nourishing and simple lifestyle.  With everything from recipe ideas to bring warmth and comfort into your day, to mindful activities you can do in your down time.  Plus, inspiring ways you can make your living space more comfortable, with elements of Danish style.  

A truly warming read to make you appreciate the small things in life, the special moments, and the people around you.  Learn how to bring elements of Hygge into your life not just in the colder months but all year round, and find out the benefits this lifestyle brings to you long term.

Read this book if;

  • You want to feel inspired by a different cultures approach to living
  • You want to create a simpler, more gracious life
  • You are ready to slow down and hibernate this winter

Rating 4/5

Written by Donna Edwards

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