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April Book of the Month – The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

By LiveWell Community

April Book of the Month – The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

Through April we are sticking with the theme of Spring and getting into the great outdoors, and our April book of the month inspires just that!  The Salt Path is about a couple who lose everything they thought they needed in life to survive.  After losing their home, business, financial stability and security, they take to the 630-mile Southwest Coast path walking from Somerset to Dorset.  Wild camping, connecting back to nature and realising what truly matters in life.  This is an inspiring story of how the hardest times in our life can often lead to the most rewarding experiences.

‘If we hadn't done this, there’d always have been things we wouldn’t have known, a part of ourselves we wouldn’t have find, resilience we didn’t know we had.’ - The Salt Path

Moth and Ray have been married for 32 years, building a life and a family together on a rural farm in Wales.  Their world comes crashing down around them when Moth is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and they lose their family home and business.  Forced to sell most of their possessions, instead of succumbing to the long waitlist of council housing, they take to the Southwest Coast path.  Carrying nothing but a backpack each and a tent to sleep in, it follows the journey of their 630 mile walk and the things they discover along the way.  Ultimately telling the story of learning to let go, to adapt and grow with change and to find peace in the present moment.  This book also allows us the opportunity to rethink our perception of homelessness.  With shocking stats on the amount of UK citizens that are classified as without a residence.   An inspiring an uplifting story that reminds us of the fragility of life, it allows us to rethink the importance of the material possessions we surround ourselves with and understand what is truly important in life.  Love and connection.  

Read this book if;

  • You are after an easy-going Springtime read to cast your imagination into the great outdoors.
  • You want to feel uplifted by a true tale of hardship and overcoming life's struggles.
  • You are coming to terms with loss, change of circumstances or grief.

What is top of your April reading list?

Written by Donna Edwards

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