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Aphrodite’s Baby - Tarot Card Readings at LiveWell

By LiveWell Community

What are Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot card readings are used as a tool to help you connect to your higher self and the universal energies. It helps with your awareness and journey to spiritual development - A tarot will always tell you what you need to hear at the moment. Although it can be daunting to be told what is in the cards for you, it can be helpful to gain clarity on any situation. Allow yourself to grow and become the best version of yourself.

At LiveWell we have finally opened Tarot Card Readings for all! We are working with one of our lovely team members Sam! Find out more below on Sam’s spiritual practice and how to book a face-to-face session. 

About Aphrodite’s Baby

Aphrodite's Baby - LiveWell Project Tarot Card Readings

Sam is the founder and creator of Aphrodite’s Baby based in Manchester, UK. She specialises in Intuitive Tarot Card Readings as well as offering services in Spiritual Life Coach Sessions. 

The main focal points in her practice are: 

  • Working through limiting beliefs and energy blocks 
  • Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine 
  • Meditation 
  • Gratitude Practices 
  • Mindfulness 

Aphrodite’s Baby Tarot Card Readings are available from 10 am for 1-1 Tarot + Oracle Readings! To book a session follow the link here

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