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A ritual to bring in the new year with love

By The Studio

I can’t believe i’m saying this but its nearly 2022 already! If you’ve found yourself seeing in the new year single, fear not! I’m going to show you a beautiful ritual to manifest in the partner of your dreams in 2022.


What you’ll need for this ritual :


*A clear space physically and mentally


*A pen and paper


*A bowl of water


*An empty bowl


*A few candles ( red or white are best )


*A rose






*Not compulsory but crystals are a good addition to your safe space, rose quartz is the best but other quartz and any other crystals you have that you feel will aid you.


The single most important thing to remember during this ritual is openness. Openness to be able to let go, openness in trusting the plan the universe has for you and openness to let someone into your life.


First things first you need to get rid of any negative energy, we do this by burning the sage and wafting it around the space, this is also sometimes known as smudging. You can also sprinkle the salt around the area you are sitting.


This clears away all the negative energy and prepares a safe open energy field for manifesting.


Once you’ve done this, take a seat wherever you feel comfortable. Light the candles around you and take out your paper and pen. Next think about all the obstacles/ habits / people that you feel are holding you back when finding a partner. Write all these down but at the same time it’s important to acknowledge gratitude to the lessons you’ve learnt and willingness to move forward. Once you have finished your letter, sign and date it.


Take the letter , hold the corner over any of the candle flames and once alight place in the empty bowl and watch the paper turn to ash. Then place your hands in the bowl of water and wash your hands with the water. This is releasing you from all that is holding you back and preparing you for something new.


Next take the rose and hold it in both hands infant of your heart chakra and take a minute to think about what type of person you want to bring into your life. Express gratitude for this person and the universe bringing them to you. Now start taking each of the petals of the rose off one by one. Which each petal think of a quality you want in this person, still expressing gratitude as you go. As you pick each petal off put them in the bowl of water. Once all the petals are off again thank the universe for everything it is bringing to you.


Next blow out all the candles and you are done! If you like pour the water and petals into a jar and you can keep by your bed for a little extra magic.


 By Lauren Rose

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